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Young Guns

Game Rules

  • Nerf – R99 per child (for 1 hour)
  • Gel Blasting
    • R50 per child (+-250 shots half hopper +- 5 to 7 mins per game).
    • R90 per child (+- 500 shots full hopper +- 7 to 10 mins per game).

    (Book for 5 games and get 1 free game)

Pew Pew

Game Rules

  • R150 rental of 2 guns for an hour unlimited ammunition.
  • R65 own equipment for an hour.


Game Rules

  • R50 per game in CQB rental (+-10 minutes)
  • R99 own equipment for 2 hours (+- 6 games)

Green Light Red Light

Game Rules

  • Red light green light: experience the squid game with airsoft.
  • 10 people per game
  • 2 games per slot
  • Price is R20.00 per person
  • You must get to the safe Zone without being shot, when the shooter shouts green light you move and when he shouts red light you stop while you move towards the safe zone, if you move on the Red light the shooter will shoot you and you are eliminated.

Trigger Happy

Game Rules

  • R20 a game in Trigger happy
  • You can book as many games as you want
  • You may have to wait if there is queue

Laser Tag

Game Rules

  • R50 100 shots 3 lives (+- 10 min)

Taser Tag

Game Rules

  • R75 100 shots 3 lives (+- 10 min)

Party room

Game Rules

  • Party room – (R495)