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Games Packages

Lockers available R50 deposit

  • Party rooms – R495 (2hours)

    (Our party room amenities include two tables and seating for up to twelve guests as standard. Decorations are
    to be arranged by the host, ensuring no damage to the infrastructure)

  • Trigger Happy : R50 x 3 Games

    A time trial shooting range experience where participants engage in timed shooting activities

  • Ninja Room : R50 (6 throws)

    The Ninja Room offers an immersive experience centered around the art of the ninja, featuring activities such as knife throwing and ninja star throwing. Participants can hone their skills in a controlled environment under expert supervision

    3 x Ninja Stars
    3 x Throwing Knives

  • Pew pew: Own Equipment Required

    R50 for R30 Min in our state of the art long distance shooting range

    Targets available at R20 each

  • Gel Blaster:

    Fun and interactive experience for ages 4+ with Water based Gel Pellets

    R50 for Half a Hopper (250shots )

    R90 for a full Hopper
    (500 shots)

  • Laser tag:

    Laser tag is a recreational shooting game where players use handheld infrared-emitting devices to tag opponents by aiming and “shooting” them with simulated laser beams. The objective is to accumulate points by tagging opponents while avoiding being tagged yourself

    R50 (100 shots) with 3lives

  • Shock tag:

    Shock tag, adds an additional element of excitement by incorporating mild electrical shocks into the gameplay. When a player is tagged by an opponent’s laser, they may receive a small electric shock, adding an extra level of intensity and immersion to the game. This variant provides a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience for participants seeking a more intense challenge

    R75 (100 shots) with 3 lives

  • CQB- Close Quarters Battle

    Intense, short-range combat scenarios where participants must navigate tight quarters and engage enemies quickly and decisively. CQB tactics often emphasize speed, surprise, and close coordination among team members (with over 40 games and experiences to choose from)

    R50 for 10min
    Includes rental equipment and 1 Mag (80shots)
    Buy 5 Games and get 1 Free

  • Archery:

    sport or skill that involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. It requires precision, focus, and technique to accurately hit the target

    R50 for 5 Arrows

  • Haunted house Glow In the Dark experience:

    Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through our Haunted House Glow in the Dark Gel Blaster Experience! Navigate spooky corridors, fend off ghostly foes with gel blasters, and brace yourself for supernatural surprises around every corner

    R100 for a full Hopper
    Own Equipment: R99 T&c apply


    5 Games in CQB (+/- 10 Minutes per game)
    2 Games in Trigger Happy
    10 Shots in PEW PEW with any 1 of our Awesome Guns, Man Target included
    Package 1 Price R 250 (+/- 2 Hours) –
    Book for 10 or more and get a Free Group Picture Printed


    8 Games in CQB (+/- 10 Minutes per game)
    3 Games in Trigger Happy

    20 Shots in PEW PEW with any 2 of our Awesome Guns, Man Target included.

    Package 2 Price R 375 (+/- 3.5 Hours) –
    Book for 10 or more and get a Free Group Picture Printed


    2 X Gel Blaster
    2 X Trigger Happy
    2 X CQB
    2 X Ninja ROOM
    Full House Package Price R 295 (+/- 1 Hour)


(T&C’s – Bring Your ID or Birth Certificate to qualify)